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Our storie

Bike Camp Spain is cycling tours in Spain organized by Bekim Christensen and Fie Østerby.


Bekim Christensen is a former professional cyclist and have done al magor races including Tour de France where he won the team competition together with Team CSC in 2003. Today he is a professional triathlete and coach. Bekim has more than 30 years of experience in training and has a huge amount of knowledge which is now passed on to his dedicated athletes and also to participators on the tours.


Fie Østerby is a former professional cyclist and has taken part in several big cycling races, especially in Spain, where she competes with the best climbers in the world and in 2022 she won the Marmotte in the Alps. For several years, Fie has struggled with mental disorders that made it impossible for her to cope with a regular job or study - cycling became her salvation and she has found her right place in life and today she lives from her passion!


In December 2018 we moved to Girona after spending 6 months in a motorhome where we drove 25,000 km around Europe in search of our new home. Girona was the final destination and we have lived here ever since! In Girona we have been able to improve our training conditions and dedicate ourselves 100% to our sport, while enjoying the fantastic surroundings and amazing opportunities Girona has to offer. 


Experience Spain like a local

In 2020, we started Bike Camp Spain, where we have given fantastic cycling experiences to happy cycling guests in Altea and Girona! Our mission is to give our customers a great cycling experience where they can sit back and just enjoy the ride and the amazing surroundings Spain has to offer!


We strive to give or guests the best possible experience and that our guests feel safe in our company when we guide them around the roads. We want to give you memorable experiences both on and off the bike! 


When you participate in our Bike Camps, you get more than just guided bike tours, but also a lot of experiences and good advices from two professional athletes who have more than 40 years of experience together, which we happily share! We show you the best roads in both Girona and Altea and know the areas like a local and you will therefore feel safe. With our experience and knowledge of the area and the weather, we always strive to ride in the right directions and plan the days after where it is best and safest to ride.

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