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Cycling clubs / Companies

At Bike Camp Spain, we are specialists in groups and as our name says, Spain is our main destination. If you aren't sure about where to go or what would be the best fit for your needs, please send an enquiry.

Get rid of the hassle of organizing, collecting money from participants and planning with the local Spanish people - let our experience benefit you!



In recent years, Altea has developed into one of Europe's favorite cycling areas. In Altea we are staying at a 4-star cycling hotel located with seafront to the Mediterranean sea. The stay is with full board.



Girona is Bike Camp Spain's base and we have lived here since 2018. Girona is a fantastic cycling area with a big variety of route choices and at the same time Girona is such a beautiful city with a wide selection of restaurants and cycling cafes.

Pyrenærene 1,3mb.jpeg


In 2022 we organized a trip through the Pyrenees for a German network group where we started in Saint-Jean-de-Luz and ended in Barcelona.
Let us tailor your next cycling adventure.

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