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Magic Girona

Girona is a thoroughly delicious city. Although it has only 100,000 inhabitants, it really has it all. From the large, tourist-attracting Rambla over the small shaded alleys to the places where the sun can gain power.

If you don't cycle, there is plenty of opportunity to explore the cozy city with its beautiful old city walls and the old town, which is full of history. Girona has a jumble of cultural-historical imprints, since both Romans, Moors and Jews have each had their heyday. The tracks can be seen with great clarity in the well-preserved Latin Quarter

Barry Well

In the old part of town, Barri Vell, it is in some places like dumping down into the Middle Ages and that is exactly why they have also chosen to shoot many film scenes for Game of Thrones right in the middle of Girona

As many as 4 rivers meet in Girona and one of the rivers has become a characteristic of Girona with the many colored town houses hanging out towards the river.

Girona has many cozy streets, with many cozy cafes and restaurants, including many bike-friendly cafes.

Less than 2 km from the center you can hike in the most fantastic natural areas and explore the beautiful mountain chain Gavarres massif that lies between Girona and the Costa Brava coast. A hike to Castell de Sant Miquel at sunrise or sunset is absolutely fantastic because you have a 360 degree view and can see both the peaks of the Pyrenees, the sea and Girona.

It is a trip of 12 km with many meters of altitudeYou can take the bus to the coast (45 min) and have a beach day in Tossa de Mar. Or the fast train to Barcelona (35 min).In Figueres you can visit the Dali Theatre-Museum, it is also a 30 min train ride.

But having said that, there is plenty to see in Girona and most people are surprised by the little gem in northern Spain. Girona is vibrant, partly because of the significant amount of tourists who find their way to sights such as the city wall, the cathedral and the Jewish Museum every year. The city is just irresistibly super charming.

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